Project Description

Barnes Family Chiropractic
Client: William Barnes, DC
Size: 7,310 square feet
Location: Cape Coral
Architect:  J. Co. Designs, LLC
Completed: July 2009

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Stevens Construction brings a South Beach flavor to Cape Coral with the construction of a contemporary 7,310 square feet office building and the home of Barnes Family Chiropractic.

Located at 4302 Del Prado Blvd., Barnes Family Chiropractic features a modern exterior with a unique metal-clad canopy, resembling the curvature of the spine.  The 3,591 square foot office building of Dr. William Barnes includes seven therapy rooms, three adjusting rooms, a massage room and an X-ray room.

Upon entering Barnes Family Chiropractic, patients will quickly observe that the interior reflects the avant-garde look of the exterior, with custom architectural elements emulating the spine throughout the facility.

“Mark Stevens and his staff are personable, organized and efficient. As an owner who wants to be involved in the building process, Stevens Construction has welcomed my input. I couldn’t be happier with my builder selection.”
William Barnes, DC