Project Description

Grace Baptist Church
Client: Pastor Tom Ascol
Size: 15,000 square feet
Location: Cape Coral
Architect:  Christopher J. Lee Architects, Inc.
Completed: April 2012

Grace Baptist Church selected Stevens Construction for the renovation of their new worship facility located at 1300 Ceitus Terrace in Cape Coral.

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Stevens Construction performed the due diligence necessary prior to the purchase of the property to ensure the renovation was possible in the location they wanted and within their budget.  Stevens Construction assisted the Church with design team selection, building elevation, budgeting and pre-design.  Stevens Construction verified from the City of Cape Coral that the fitness facility could be renovated into a church per their zoning and code requirements.

The due diligence provided by Stevens Construction enabled the Church to make an educated business decision prior to making the final purchase of the building.

Stevens Construction was given the challenge of converting an existing fitness facility into a worship facility featuring a 300-seat sanctuary, seven classrooms, two multi-purpose rooms and child care area within three months.

Stevens Construction demolished the existing racquetball courts, using the elevated ceilings provided by the courts for the 24-feet ceilings above the stage in the sanctuary.
Stevens Construction removed the garage door entrance and converted it into the Narthex entrance.

The fitness facility had a spa with a whirlpool, Stevens Construction worked in close coordination with the Health Department to ensure the whirlpool was safely removed and converted the spa into a ministry room.

The fitness facility has a tennis courts on the exterior of the property which is remaining in operation, as the tennis club is leasing the property from the church. The tennis courts remained open throughout construction; as such equipment and material deliveries were safely coordinated and monitored to ensure maximum safety for players.  Stevens Construction isolated the project from the courts as there were oftentimes curious players wanting a glimpse of the construction.  Two tennis tournaments occurred throughout the project.

It was imperative to the client that this project be open for Easter.  The project was completed within an aggressive three month schedule enabling Grace Baptist to open for Easter Sunday services.  There was no room for error on the schedule and the construction team worked nights and weekends to meet the tight deadline.

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