Project Description

Suncoast Beverages
Client: Tim Mitchell
Size: 114-460 square feet
Location: Fort Myers
Architect:  Burt Hill/Pollock Krieg Architects, Inc.
Completed: May 2012

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Because of the quality of construction provided on a previous project in 2001, Suncoast Beverage Sales President, Tim Mitchell selected Stevens Construction for the renovation and addition to their 114,460-square foot warehouse and distribution center.

Located at 2996 Hanson Street in Fort Myers, Suncoast Beverage Sales wanted to expand their existing warehouse to more efficiently accommodate the 80 brands of beverages the company supplies to their 1,100 accounts throughout southwest Florida.

Stevens Construction removed the existing keg cooler and converted the existing drive-thru to a 5,625-square foot, state-of-the-art, refrigerated keg cooler. Because the beer is perishable, it was imperative that the cooler remain at 34-degrees for optimal quality.

The project also included the addition of a new, 69-degree, 4,000-square foot chilled environment warehouse (CEW).

The warehouse is mandated by Budweiser, as such, every day, the project had to be at showroom quality as it was still an occupied and operating facility during construction.  At the end of each workday, the floors were cleaned very thoroughly to ensure dust was kept to a minimum and did not comprise the product.

Also, for further protection, Stevens Construction isolated the construction area from the operating warehouse by tenting off the perimeter to prevent dust from getting onto the product during the demolition.

The product had to be relocated every day because it was in the path of the overhead refrigerant lines that were being installed and had to be moved daily.  This required constant coordination with the Suncoast Beverage Sales staff, as forklifts were used to move the product.
Stevens Construction removed the garage door entrance and converted it into the Narthex entrance.

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“Stevens Construction recognized and understood our needs and delivered a final product that has enabled us to operate a more efficient workplace, we are extremely pleased with the project outcome.”

Tim Mitchell, President, Suncoast Beverages